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Anamnesis: Respective

Price list:

14.000- per piece

ANAMNESIS: RESPECTIVE is a collaborative photographic poster project that we pursued with Ozoróczy Diána under the supervision of Tóth Andrej.

Pursuit of the respective.

RESPECTIVE part of the poster collaboration is a research of rooting from an urge to scratch deeper corners of the self. As a woman the first address to look for answers happens to be the mother and the grandmother. Realizing behavioral patterns, differences and inheritances raises the question of the self's unique. Challange begins when the search for good becomes harder and the knowledge of normal becomes a question mark. The route to look for answers where you come from becomes misleading that introversion seems like a better answer.

The collage technique eases the journey of research. The project is formed from 2 parts, the awareness of where I come from and understanding how I feel about myself today. Using the braille alphabet as a safe zone, it is easier to accept how I feel and think about myself.

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