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Anamnesis: Respective

ANAMNESIS: RESPECTIVE is a collaborative photographic poster project that we pursued with Ozoróczy Diána under the supervision of Tóth Andrej.

Pursuit of the respective. The urge to search for the deepest corners of yourself has been on my mind for so long. However realising that what you are able to bring up from your deep down corners can become challenging since the search for good becomes harder. It is maybe easier to find some answers from where you come from. From your mom or your grandmother, especially if you are a woman.

The collage technique eases the journey to realise where I am coming from and myself. The project is formed from 2 parts, the awareness of where I come from and understanding how I feel about myself today. Using the braille alphabet as a safe zone, it is easier to accept how I feel and think about myself.

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