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Residue // Maradvány

How does reality become abstract? The Residue series features the remains after the loss of a good friend. After major incidents, the perception of reality can change, and explaining feelings becomes difficult. The clues on the installation are leftover pieces after this challenging loss. These clues are pieces of evidence that my good friend was here with me once and their meanings change after his departure. The feeling of reality loses its persuasiveness when the so-called incident makes a big impact. The knowledge of memories stays, but the places, objects, and people’s meanings change; they go in a different direction than their reality. A loss can be real, but the post-incident becomes abstract while trying to understand how and why it happened. After all, the shreds of evidence, residues, are what is only left behind by a dear person.

The Residue project is an effort to understand the abstractness of the post- incident. Understanding the loss itself is not the focal point, but the process of abstracting the evidences to reflect on their new meanings is the way of understanding this current situation. The series becomes an enigma and pursues the new sensation of these places, objects, and people.

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Cemetery, Take a Walk-video2-Residue-2022.jpg
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Nagykőrösi út 156-Residue-2022.jpg
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